Hello World!

Welcome to the home of matcha mamas – the brainchild of Andria Park and Krystal Ndoni – aka your new favorite 9 a.m. morning ritual, 2:30 p.m. pick-me-up, and 11 p.m. nightcap.

We are so proud to launch this blog to the world. To some, that might sound cheesy or insignificant – but for us, this is a huge deal. This blog will be a collective curation of our wellness-based experiences, holistic living tips, and inspiring ideas that we’ve come across. These could be anything from DIY recipes for our favorite body butters to stress-relieving practices to lift your spirits throughout your day. Whatever it is, we strive to share really awesome tidbits that will inspire women to live their best lives – no matter their size, beliefs, or dietary preferences.

Too often, we’ll come across wellness magazines or blogs that may make us feel like we need to fit a certain mold in order to be “well”, which doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. We love leading a balanced lifestyle, even if it means indulging every now and then on a juicy, greasy burger, donuts from anywhere, and weekly happy hours… while still making time for hot yoga the next morning.

We are by no means gurus, but we hope that you’ll enjoy our journey as we explore all things wellness amidst our shameless lifestyles. Until next time…

– The Matcha Mamas