For Us By Us 

MatchaMamas was created for the modern-day millennial woman who is interested in living a higher quality of life–physically, mentally, and spiritually. Whether you work in a corporate 9-5, are a creative freelancer, or are on your grind while balancing the two… we strive to bring awareness to wellness and mindfulness amidst your busy lifestyle.

Who are the MatchaMamas?

Just two simple down-to-earth chicks who decided to create a platform for other like-minded fellow ladies who enjoy the simpler things in life. We’re based in (likely) the greatest part of Jersey and love exploring all that the city has to offer.

Why Matcha?

The history of Matcha dates back to the 9th century, originating in China, where it was used as a drug for curing various ailments. Its popularity and potential picked up in Japan, where it became the focus of the famous Japanese tea ceremony for many centuries. It has long been associated with Zen and meditation, and its benefits are plentiful. Among its many benefits are increased mental clarity, decreased levels of stress, boosted self-esteem and compassion.

We say all this to say that we hope that this blog will result in all of these things for you and more, while also providing a sense of hygge as consuming Matcha always seems to do for us.